Creative recycling in collage

Tscherning, a company specialising in demolition and recycling of building materials, has established a new office where recycled materials give the space a special personality.

Takbeklädnad med akustikplattor från Troldtekt i kontorsbyggnad

Nothing is as expected when you enter Tscherning in a black industrial building in Hedehusene, Denmark. A lively atmosphere among the employees greets you alongside a collage of materials and interspersed floors and rooms. The canteen is located in the high-ceilinged part of the building, while the office workspaces are distributed around a recessed deck and two meeting room buildings that significantly define the layout of the space.

The company Næste supplied the two meeting room buildings. Næste is a circular design and construction company that works with Tscherning on the recycling of building materials. By reusing materials in construction, the environment is spared a great deal of strain, such as from burning bricks and cutting wood. At the same time, the amount of waste and environmental impact are reduced.


Surfaces with a patina

As an added bonus, Tscherning has an exciting interior design that you won't find in any catalogue. Despite the fact that a fairly large part of the furniture is recycled and has a visible patina, you still have one of those wow experiences because it is done in a consistent and aesthetic manner. In this way Tscherning demonstrates that this is the right path to take. Troldtekt is a product that has been used in several ways in the interior design. For example, the hall’s original Troldtekt ceiling has been preserved, as it has the same acoustic effect. The beautiful meeting rooms are equipped with Troldtekt panels that are production residues adapted to the location.

The textured ceiling tiles fit in well with the overall look of used wood, tiles, brick, lamps, worktops, stairs and much more. At Tscherning, they can now demonstrate what they do and the interesting potential of recycling.