Silver for Troldtekt® after more stringent requirements


The Troldtekt acoustic series has just been recertified according to Cradle to Cradle version 3.1. Troldtekt achieved gold level in four out of five criteria and retains its overall certification at silver level, despite the fact that version 3.1 has more stringent requirements.

The certification covers the complete range of Troldtekt acoustic panels, both those supplied in their natural colour and those painted in Troldtekt’s standard colours.

During the first few months of 2015, the Troldtekt acoustic series has been thoroughly reassessed for recertification according to the new Cradle to Cradle version 3.1.

Troldtekt has again achieved silver, and the certification covers an impressive 92 per cent of the company’s products, including panels painted in Troldtekt standard colours.

The requirements in version 3.1 are, in a large number of areas, now more stringent in relation to version 2.1.1, which was Troldtekt’s latest certification. This applies for example to Material Health, which covers an assessment of all the substances in the product – right down to 100 ppm.

Version 3.1 now also includes a new bronze level, so that products can be awarded basic, bronze, silver, gold or platinum.


Gold in four areas, silver in one

The table shows which score Troldtekt has achieved for each of the five Cradle to Cradle parameters. Within Material Reutilisation and Social Responsibility, Troldtekt has advanced from silver to gold.

The overall certification follows the ‘lowest common denominator’, so to obtain an overall certification at gold level a product must, as a minimum, achieve gold certification for all five parameters. Troldtekt is aiming for gold at its next recertification in 2017.

Troldtekt C2C Certification

The table shows Troldtekt’s score for the Cradle to Cradle recertification in February 2015. Relative to 2014, we have moved up from silver to gold for Material Reutilisation and Social Responsibility.