Troldtekt A/S wins the CSR Strategy Award


A roadmap, which makes sustainability the focal point of its business strategy, ensured that Troldtekt A/S won this year’s CSR Strategy Award. Troldtekt received the award against strong competition, including Velux A/S and A.P. Møller - Mærsk A/S.

At Holstebro Music Theatre, where the Danish CSR Foundation presented this year's CSR Awards to a number of Danish companies, Troldtekt was invited to step up to the rostrum in the category for the best CSR strategy. The company, which produces acoustic solutions for ceilings and walls, won the award for its business strategy, which is focused around the design concept Cradle to Cradle.

A sustainable roadmap
Among other things, the Cradle to Cradle concept outlines a roadmap which shows a series of value-creating initiatives in several broad areas that Troldtekt has to complete in order to achieve environmental gains towards 2022. These initiatives include renewable energy, wastewater and recycling of residual products.

“We are of course proud to receive the award - especially when you look at who we were up against,” explains Peer Leth, CEO of Troldtekt A/S. ”Sustainability and responsibility have been in our DNA since we produced the first acoustic panel back in 1935 because our product only consists of the natural materials wood and cement. Today, the CSR work is a dominate building block in our business strategy and an important influence in the way we run our company. At Troldtekt, this award has generated great enthusiasm and encouragement: “

The jury’s report
In their report, the jury behind the CSR Strategy Award emphasised that Troldtekt demonstrates "a solid and strategic approach to CSR" and that Troldtekt, with its focus on "Cradle to Cradle", continuously works on product and process optimization as well as social responsibility. It was also emphasised that CSR is rooted in all parts of the business - including the top management and the business strategy.

In addition, the jury stressed that the strategic CSR work has contributed to increased sales, improved financial performance and increased brand value. It also opens doors to new markets where sustainable products and the relevant documentation receive great attention.

”The award fits well into our assumption that although all of our sustainable investments do not necessarily generate increased revenue in the short term, it pays in the long term to be a sustainability pioneer in the construction industry. With this award, we are very proud to adopt” this position, ”adds CEO Peer Leth.

Troldtekt and CSR
• Troldtekt's business strategy is centered around the Cradle to Cradle design concept.
• It includes a roadmap towards 2022, showing how Troldtekt will implement a number of value-creating initiatives in five broad areas: material health, material reutilization, renewable energy, water stewardship and social fairness.
• This is not a static to-do list because as new opportunities emerge, or goals are achieved, the road map will be updated.
• For example, 50 percent of Troldtekt’s electricity had to come from wind power by 2015, but in 2013, the percentage was already 100 percent.
• Today, 92 percent of the production is Cradle to Cradle certified in the Silver category but the goal is to raise the percentage up to 99 percent. It is also Troldtekt’s intention to become a Cradle to Cradle company.
• See and read more about the roadmap

About CSR Awards 2014
• Behind the CSR Awards is the CSR Foundation, whose mission is to gather, share knowledge and communicate on Danish companies' efforts to meet their social responsibilities according to the principles of the UN Global Compact.
• The CSR Strategy Award goes to a company that particularly shows that CSR or sustainability has been integrated into its business strategy. It must be integrated at all levels ranging from daily operations to the finished product.

The CSR Strategy Award, along with a number of other CSR Awards, was presented by KPMG at the big CSR Awards Show 30-31 October 2014. Read more about the Awards on  

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