THE WOOD WOOL AWARD™ - a celebration of cement-bonded wood wool in architecture


Troldtekt A/S is celebrating its double anniversary by launching the new WOOD WOOL AWARD™. The aim is to celebrate contemporary architecture and architectural design enriched by cement-bonded wood wool. In order to assess the projects, Troldtekt has assembled a jury panel of world-renowned architects.

From 14 September to 16 October 2015, architects from around the world can submit projects which use cement-bonded wood wool. The WOOD WOOL AWARD™ comprises two prizes, each totalling EUR 5,000. The entry criteria are the visible use of cement-bonded wood wool to enhance the architectural design and the project must have been completed in 2012 or later.

80 years on the market
2015 marks the 160th anniversary of Troldtekt and also 80 years since the company started producing the natural material cement-bonded wood wool in Troldhede near Herning in Denmark’s western Jutland. Today, Troldtekt is used in prestige building projects worldwide, contributing to creating good acoustics, a better indoor climate and unique aesthetics.

“How better to mark our anniversary than by celebrating the material?” says Peer Leth, CEO of Troldtekt A/S. “At the moment, we are seeing a growing demand from architects worldwide with cement-bonded wood wool playing a key role.”

Jury panel of top architects
To assess the projects, Troldtekt has brought together a jury panel of three leading figures from the world of contemporary architecture:

• David Gianotten (managing partner-architect, OMA, Netherlands)
• Mikkel Frost (architect, co-founder and partner, CEBRA, Denmark)
• David Basulto (architect, founder and editor-in-chief, ArchDaily, Chile).

These three judges are looking forward to receiving a wide range of exciting entries for the WOOD WOOL AWARD.

Natural, flexible, robust and honest
“We are looking for outstanding architecture with acoustic solutions featuring the visible use of cement-bonded wood wool. I for one am very curious to see how other architects have incorporated the material in their designs. For example, at CEBRA we often use Troldtekt because it is natural, flexible and robust and because there is something wonderfully honest about it,” says Mikkel Frost.

• Architects from anywhere in the world can enter their own projects, in which the visible use of cement-bonded wood wool enriches the architectural design.
• The projects must have been completed in 2012 or later.
• Entries must be uploaded via between 14 September and 16 October 2015.
• Two winning projects will be selected, each receiving a prize of EUR 5,000. One award will go to a project using Troldtekt cement-bonded wood wool; the other will go to a project using cement-bonded wood wool supplied by another manufacturer.

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